Fests and Club Activities 


MAGNOVITE is the national-level techno-management design fest organised by CHRIST (Deemed to be University), Kengeri Campus. MAGNOVITE highlights a gambit of balanced events ranging from highly technical like Hackathons and Drone challenges to management-oriented events like Marketing, Finance, and Best Manager. 


 USHUS is an inter-collegiate management fest in which students from various colleges participate and compete against each other to acclaim the USHUS Trophy. MBA students from 1st year and 2nd year participate in it from various colleges across India. Ushus takes place at 2 campuses – Central and Kengeri Campus. 

Corporate Interface

Experts from various fields and industry practitioners are invited for sessions. In the first two trimesters, corporate interfaces are common for all students. From the third trimester, the corporate interface sessions are conducted in the respective specialisations as a part of club activities.


 CONNAISSANCE is a National Level Student Research Paper Competition. The focus will be on all organisational functions, be it Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, and Finance, or Engineering, Manufacturing, and IT. Today's students are the budding managers of tomorrow and will bring a different perspective to dynamic corporate scenarios.  


The Centre for Case Research and Development (CCRD) and The School of Business and Management (SBM), CHRIST (Deemed to be University) initiated COGNOSCO, the annual conference on case studies, to provide a platform for case writers across the country to present their case studies and also inspire many others to develop good case studies. The conference promotes the development of quality teaching cases among the teaching fraternity and business practitioners, encouraging participation from all enthusiastic case writers or researchers related to Industry and Academia.   


Pioneer Club is a platform exclusively meant for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit in our students and encouraging them to continue dreaming big. Pioneer Club aims to allow students to apply their academic knowledge in various fields of management in practical application. It provides them with insights into some of the leading trends in entrepreneurship. 


SBM offers 5 specializations to students and each specialization has its club to help students relate theories read in the classroom with what is happening out in the industry. The club activities conducted on every Friday expose students to latest industry trends through corporate speaker series, student-driven activities and self-learning exercises. The clubs are run by the students and faculty act as a facilitator. Running the club also teaches the students essential managerial skills like planning, organizing, and decision making. 


Outbound training is a type of experiential learning training workshop that involves engaging individuals in outdoor team activities such as hiking, rock climbing, and team-building exercises. The purpose of outbound training is to develop teamwork, leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. The students of the first trimester are given a one-day outbound training. 


The study tours cover learning elements by visiting various industries/ universities. The tours are aimed at providing business insights to students through lectures and workshops. Tours offer students an opportunity to develop and exhibit their organizing skills, communication skills, and awareness of contemporary issues faced by the industry. Students also experience recreational activities. 


Cantata, the MBA Family Day, is celebrated with full enthusiasm and joy every year by Christ University, Kengeri Campus. It is an amalgamation of sports, a fun zone, and cultural activities, summed up with a DJ. It is a get-together of the MBA family where the two campuses have a great time with day-long activities.


Student Achievements

List of student publications & presentations (Indicative)