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School of Business and Management offers an experiential learning based Masters program in Business Administration. The Curriculum and Pedagogy integrate rigorous academic theory with real-life challenges and is geared to equip the students to successfully face the challenges of a long career in the world of uncertainty. The faculty composition has a healthy mix of Academicians and Industry Practitioners. Our faculty members’ scholastic excellence is depicted through their publications in renowned peer-reviewed journals. The holistic approach of learning through various programs and quality improvement activities ensure students bloom and succeed in this competitive world. As a Business School, we believe our pedagogy enables, engages, exemplifies, and encourages students to make effective business decisions. The curriculum design provides students with the best opportunities to be well-rounded managers and business leaders. We offer experiential learning for our students through an array of activities like Social Responsibility Projects, Industry Review Projects, Organisation Structure Study, Outbound Training, Book Review Competition, Summer Internships, Current Affairs and Weekly Presentations, Skill Enhancement Programmes and Dissertation. We handhold our students through our mentoring sessions. We offer our students the best of opportunities and a launching pad for careers. 


Dr. Jain Mathew

MCom, MPhil, PhD


Greetings and welcome to the School of Business and Management (SBM)!

SBM offers undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in Management, Hospitality, and Travel & Tourism. We operate from three campuses in Bengaluru – Central campus, Bannerghatta Road Campus (BGR), and Kengeri campus – and at Pune-Lavasa and Delhi-NCR. Among business schools in India, we are unique in the scale of operations, diversity and representation from all parts of India, and we offer quality education at a competitive fee structure.

 Our hallmark is experiential learning through live projects, internships, service learning, and holistic education through co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In our MBA program, we provide experiential learning through cases from Harvard and other reputed sources. 

The curriculum includes research-based assignments and offers an opportunity for self-learning, supporting the students in lifelong learning. External input from corporate executives is an integral part of the pedagogy, thus preparing the students for careers in the industry. Our strong alumni network is a valuable asset in this regard. Our syllabus is updated annually to stay current in a dynamic environment. 

The school's speciality is the development of grounded individuals with ethical sensitivity and a sense of social responsibility. With a blend of industry and academic experience, the faculty stays current by publishing regularly in Scopus-indexed and other quality journals.

 I invite you to peruse the School of Business and Management’s web pages on the portal, which delineate our faculty's credentials and provide highlights of our activities.



MBA, MFT, MPhil, PhD


The School of Business and Management is one of the most dedicated departments that continuously work to equip its students to face the highly dynamic business world. With a very zestful vibe spread throughout the campus, it ensures that everyone receives education through experience. Experiential learning is offered to the students in various forms like Outbound Training (OST), Industrial Visits (IVs), Connaissance SBM’s National Student Research Paper Presentation competition for B-School students, Case conferences, various project-based courses, and so on. The platform welcomes innovative teaching and learning as the department believes in engaging the students in hands-on experience and reflection. The department continually strives to enable the students to connect the theories and knowledge learned in the classroom with real-world situations. Every nook and corner of the department holds the institution's values upright. We have an entire team of faculties who adhere to selflessness and are highly committed to craving out the best qualities in students to shape them as the most promising and responsible business leaders in the business community and the society globally. 





The School of Business and Management has carefully crafted its program structure in which each course tries to trigger the spirit of inquiry in the students' minds and promotes critical thinking. The school focuses on the quality of learning with the students at its core. All our initiatives revolve around learners’ holistic growth.

At the School of Business and Management, we strive to inculcate in our students an outlook that combines both the big picture and an eye for detail as they embark on their journey to be future managers and leaders. We strive to equip our students for their lifelong learning and acquiring value-based leadership abilities. The importance of being sensitive to sustainability issues and global awareness is highlighted through various initiatives. The school provides an ambience to develop our students into innovative and problem-solving professionals in a dynamic business environment.

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